My cat is the best dog I’ve ever had (Part 2)

Part II: How to name a dog

Duke is the dog every affectionate family dreams of having. Loving and obedient to his owners, ferocious – despite his diminutive size – to outside threats, and soft and cuddly to boot. He had eyes that you could read and communicate with. When he was afraid, I’d hold his little face in my hands, stroke his cheeks and I could see his pupils visibly relax, knowing he could trust my love for him. He didn’t know to sit, stay, or fetch, but he’d bound up to us when we came home, wagging his tail so furiously that his little body wagged along with it. Always patient with us and a caring older brother of our other pets, Duke was always there with his unconditional love to make the world feel ok again.

This is not Duke

My brother and I adopted the dog above to replace Duke when he died. Duke’s death took a real toll on our family. Ammi and thathi refused to love again, saying they could not bear to go through the cycle of inevitable heartbreak again. As impetuous children will do, my brother and I disregarded their wishes, thinking we knew better, and surprised them with an adopted puppy.

They came around pretty fast though, my mother soon cuddling the pup like a baby and not letting her go.


We let my parents choose a new name for her. They wanted to name her in honour of Duke ‘but it’s a girl, so it should be a female name,’ observed my father.

I started: ‘So Duch-,’

‘Dukie,’ my father continued with finality. I bit my tongue and affirmed, ‘Dukie it is.’

This is Dukie

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Parents vs. Skype

My parents are well into their sixties and make do with technology by asking my brother (a total techie) and myself (more technologically inept than my parents) to help them set up Wi-Fi, show them pictures on Facebook, and so on. While my 84-year-old great-uncle marvels at his Uber application and the paradigm shift in economy that such apps are causing, my parents still struggle to sign into Gmail. It’s frustrating at times but mostly endearing. 
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Thathi’s response to ‘Father and Dog’

I sent my poem Father and Dog to my dad and he sent me this poem in response! He is definitely a sentimental person but he’s never written me a poem before! I was so touched and happy and this is the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me 🙂 so so happy. Little note: The two puppies he refers to in the poem are me and my brother 🙂

(Poem reproduced with his permission)

Love of a child is immaculate
Big hug is what, love or hatred
Physical love True No bogus
Reading Dads depressed mind is love genuine

Duke I told hold on Please
I go first, My selfishness 
Walks in a black bitch scaring Ammi
True love of Our two puppies forever Shines

Loving ,caring, protecting bounds beyond
Is it? Selfish, Possessiveness, madness or True love
Towards two Puppies Bamba and Cotta Road
Answer will be there, come gray hair