Let Them Stay

It’s 1965
and Nancy Prasad is to be deported.
So Charlie Perkins hides her, holds her
hostage, demands the government
pay the ransom of her safety

It’s 2016
and Baby Asha’s turn has come.
So 200 people hide her, hold her
hostage, demand the government
pay the ransom of her safety

The girl-child sits, as strangers pass above her,
debating the course of her life.

Airport Discrimination

After enjoying a week’s holiday with my best friend in Tasmania, I was driven to Hobart airport to return home. I walked in and met pristine white walls and floors with a few, perhaps 8, conveyor belts at the opposite end that were the only barrier between your entry to the airport and exit into the plane. The belts scanned the luggage you were taking and appeared to be the only security circuit available, or rather necessary, at Hobart airport. And that makes sense, I mean, who wants to bomb Hobart airport?

Apparently I did.

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