My cat is the best dog I’ve ever had (Part 1)

Part I: How to name a cat. 

My cat’s name is Eddie.

Eddie in my shorts

This is Eddie trying to wear my pants

Eddie is a rescue cat: he wandered into our garden to hide from the cruel world outside and found us instead. He decided to stay after some coaxing from my patient, loving housemate, Ema.

We rewarded his trust with multiple vaccinations

He is the second child Ema and I have had. Here we are pictured as a happy family. Note that our children take after both of us.

family photo

One is brown and black and the other one is white and ginger.

Eddie’s first name was going to be Charles Henry, or something posh like that. We knew we were going to do the socially responsible thing of neutering him so Ema decided he needed a name that made up for his testicle-free future. I objected, with good reason.

screenshot 1
So we pooled together some reasonable names and reached consensus like civilized adults.

screenshot 2.jpg

So his first official name was Fester Sauron de Silva, generally called Sauron. Unfortunately, this name was difficult to pronounce and most of my family ended up hollering for a ‘sarong’ instead. It’s ok – he didn’t recognize either name anyway.

Soon, as Sauron got more comfortable with us we realized that he was a very affectionate cat. One might even say needy.


He would trail us around the house, screaming for attention and would not stop until we showed him love by petting him or carrying him like a baby. He would also jump up onto our laps whenever he wanted to. Basically, he felt entitled to our bodies and thought we were his mother. He was like every boyfriend Ema and I have ever had.

Sauron also showed some trauma-based behaviour. After being separated from his mother so early, he developed a habit of suckling on our clothes for comfort. This left our clothes soaking wet, which was inconvenient, so Ema weaned him off our clothes and onto our fingers. He would suckle until he fell asleep. Often, after he falls asleep, his mouth continues to suckle thin air. It’s actually pretty adorable.

So, Sauron was turning out to be less and less of an evil kitty and more and more like a needy ginger-haired white boy that walked around screaming ‘GIVE ME LOVE’

And that’s how he came to be called Eddie.

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