Playing with majoritarian fire

A friend of mine in the US mentioned that Trump standing for elections and being extremist is some tactical political manoeuvre for very different aims (than getting DT elected). Whatever the motive is, it is truly terrifying to see the US using the same shameful tactics used in Sri Lankan politics where majority prejudices are toyed with for political gain. Whatever comes out of this, no foresight from the US players can control the beast they’ve unleashed on their society.


3 thoughts on “Playing with majoritarian fire

  1. Politicians alway tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator of public sentiment. In a system based on popular appeal this tends to happen, if the politician is unscrupulous enough.

    The secret in democratic governments in the old British tradition at least, is that the politician actually has only limited power., the real administration in a country being run by civil servants. Politicians cannot be controlled, but entry to the civil service can; properly done one can have a team of technocrats that actually run a country, not some bumbling politician.

    I’m not familiar with the intricacies of US administration but I strongly suspect that even if Trump were to be elected he will quickly find that the worst of his proposals cannot be implemented. Apart from the more obvious challenge sin courts, at administrative level they may end up hitting various blocks.

    Ceylon had such a situation and we would not be in the mess that we are, if not for the fact that the politicians, discovering the limits on their power, abolished the independent civil service in the 1960’s.

    I know you are no fan of the British Raj, but you have to hand it to those guys, they knew how to rule effectively.

    I’ve put down some thoughts here:

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