Thathi’s response to ‘Father and Dog’

I sent my poem Father and Dog to my dad and he sent me this poem in response! He is definitely a sentimental person but he’s never written me a poem before! I was so touched and happy and this is the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me 🙂 so so happy. Little note: The two puppies he refers to in the poem are me and my brother 🙂

(Poem reproduced with his permission)

Love of a child is immaculate
Big hug is what, love or hatred
Physical love True No bogus
Reading Dads depressed mind is love genuine

Duke I told hold on Please
I go first, My selfishness 
Walks in a black bitch scaring Ammi
True love of Our two puppies forever Shines

Loving ,caring, protecting bounds beyond
Is it? Selfish, Possessiveness, madness or True love
Towards two Puppies Bamba and Cotta Road
Answer will be there, come gray hair


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